Digital Logic Valve:
Small solution, big results

DLV Digital Logic ValveSun has launched the industry’s smallest high-speed, reduced-power logic valves — 10-ms typical response times in an incredibly small package with few moving parts. The new solenoid-operated Digital Logic Valve (DLV) family paves the way for smaller, highly reliable solutions in demanding mobile applications where size, weight, speed, and power consumption matter and in industrial applications where an incredibly fast valve can help reduce machine cycle times.

The first product introduced in the DLV family, the DLVB is an amazingly fast 2-way, 2-position, solenoid-operated directional spool valve rated up to 5000 psi (350 bar) at 0.25 gpm (1 L/min) but weighing just 2 ounces (58 g) and measuring only 2.4" high (61 mm). Because it connects to an industry-standard controller, it is a small solution looking to deliver big results in existing applications. And with a typical response time of 10 ms with reduced power consumption, it opens up opportunities to drive new high-performance designs in mobile and industrial applications.

Get small

Who doesn't want improved performance and reduced size for their fluid power applications? The DLV brings together new technology and innovative design that does just that, employing a micro-solenoid with optimized magnetics and a small, top-mounted M12 connector to drive down size and weight, simplify the wiring of the components and reducing the amount of space required for a multi-valve integrated package.

The photo below illustrates the significant advantage of the DLV over the standard DAAL 2-way, 2-position directional spool valve in an integrated package. Not only is it possible to shrink the cartridge face on the manifold by 42% in the pictured example, but with the space-saving connector/wiring configuration and the lower overall height of the valve, the space required to accommodate the total package is dramatically smaller as well. And with the proper M12 mating cable, the connector is rated to IP69K for demanding mobile applications.

DLVB Assemblies

Go faster

In fluid power, a “digital” valve is a two-state component that can switch states (on or off) so fast that the transition between states is negligible. Used as a logic element, the DLV — with its shift speed measured in milliseconds — can be used for directional control, pressure control, or flow control. This fast response means you can increase machine productivity with significantly reduced cycle times.

The DLVB, with 10-ms typical response time, is two times faster than Sun’s DAAA and four times faster than the DAAL — both 2-way, solenoid-operated directional spool valves. Figure 1 shows the pull-in response of the normally closed DLV; Figure 2 shows the drop-out response of this normally closed valve.

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Use less

Optimized magnetics and use of a micro-solenoid means the DLV coil draws only 2 W hold and 15 W peak (typical) — up to a 90% power savings over the standard DAAL with a 22-W coil.  That means the DLV offers higher performance with a lower current draw and lower heat generation.

Think big

DLVB controls a DKJR8 directional valveBy leveraging Sun’s own T-8A cavity concept that provides for a standard screw-in pilot for a main-stage cartridge, this small, fast DLVB can be used to build a customized control solution using standard components, opening up a wide range of opportunities for this high-performance cartridge.  The photo at right shows the DLV atop a 120-gpm (480 L/min) DKJR8 directional valve.

Sun offers many standard products — including relief, directional and flow control — in a range of capacities up to 300 gpm (1100 L/min) with an integral T-8A cavity. That means this small solution can provide big results in an off-the-shelf solution. Imagine this tiny 2-oz valve controlling 875 hydraulic horsepower.

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With innovative design and few moving parts, the new Digital Logic Valve (DLV) family expands your design options and helps create smaller, highly reliable solutions where size and performance matter. A small solution that delivers big results.

This product launch includes four versions with 12- or 24-Vdc coils in a normally open or normally closed configuration.  For more product specifications and related information, check out the DLVB product page.  

As with any high-performance cartridge valves, system cleanliness and proper filtration is required for optimal performance, and a version of this product with a built-in filter will be available soon.

Learn more about our T-8A cavity concept.

The DLVB is available now. Contact your local Sun distributor to order.