Over the past 47 years, Sun’s hydraulics business has provided global capital goods industries with hydraulic components and systems for transmitting fluid power to control force, speed and motion. Sun’s products typically add a fine degree of precision, safety and reliability to the machinery and equipment in which they are used.

We design and manufacture screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and integrated fluid power packages. Our products provide important functionality within a hydraulic system, controlling fluid flow rates, pressures and direction.

In recent years, we have aggressively expanded our offering of electrically actuated cartridge valves. And because hydraulic systems are increasingly relying on signals from onboard electronic control systems to manage functions, it is necessary for many of our hydraulic products to be more future-focused and capable of digital communications.

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    Counterbalance Valves

    As the industry leader in counterbalance solutions, Sun offers more than 150 standard counterbalance models for precise, reliable load holding and motion control at an affordable price.

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    Filter Cartridges

    To protect expensive hydraulic components such as proportional valves, motors and pumps from abrasive particles and contaminants, Sun’s filter cartridges supplement system filtration to provide protection in a low-profile package for critical operations.

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    Hydraulic Control Manifolds

    At the heart of a hydraulic system, the integrated hydraulic manifold incorporates reliable hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components to direct pressure and flow for the precise control of the equipment.

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    Directional & Relief Valves

    To stabilize equipment in off-highway applications, Sun’s directional and relief valves work together to provide safe, reliable control of critical equipment functions.

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    Pump Controls & Compensators

    Sun solutions provide hydraulic horsepower management, controlling pressure and flow using pressure control assemblies and specialized logic elements to ensure fuel-saving, efficient operation of hydraulic equipment.

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    Flow Control Valves

    Proportional throttle valves and priority flow controls ensure that operator input is translated into smooth, controlled, predictable equipment operation.


The acquisition of Enovation Controls enables us to further develop our digital and electronic capabilities in line with our goal of technology leadership and in response to the global megatrends affecting our industry. Enovation Controls integrates products and technologies in solutions that connect operators to vehicles or machines through graphical displays, telematics (the long-distance sending and receiving of computerized data) and vehicle and machinery controls. Enovation Controls’ product portfolio addresses various end markets and includes electronic controls, displays, instrumentation panels, gages, and battery chargers. Some of these products serve the same markets as our hydraulics segment (e.g., materials handling equipment and off-highway vehicles for the construction, agricultural and utility industries). However, most of the products address markets not historically served by the hydraulics segment (e.g. power generation equipment and recreational marine and power sports vehicles).

Sun, through its HCT brand, offers easy-to-apply, environmentally ruggedized electronic controllers to suit virtually any application requiring an electro-hydraulic solution and are universally compatible with all major hydraulic OEM proportional products.

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    Infotainment Core Expansion® (ICE)

    ICE allows you to sync your smartphone, delivering car-like features such as AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free notifications on the display for texts, missed and incoming calls, battery life and more, including advanced audio profiles and sound control.

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    HelmView Displays®

    HelmView Displays are engineered to provide intuitive ease-of-use, best-in-class viewability, GPS mapping, and monitoring of multiple engines, transmission, fuel usage and more. Connectivity includes integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

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    Remote Control Keypad

    This CAN keypad remotely controls inputs, which communicates with both the Power Distribution Module (PDM) and Engine Control Module (ECM) via the CAN network. It controls the auto bilge pump switch, blower, keyless start and more.

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    GPS Sensor/Receiver

    An integral part of Enovation Control’s global positioning system. This small, highly accurate GPS receiver and sensor pairs with the cruise system for speed control as well as being used for mapping on other vehicles.

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    Power Distribution Module

    The Intelligent Xpansion® Power Distribution Module (PDM) expands CAN bus networks and replaces existing fuse and relay boxes with more reliable solid-state switches to drive lights, cooling fans, wiper motors and directional DC motors.