Achieve global technology leadership in the industrial goods sector by 2025 with critical mass exceeding $1 billion in sales (representing, at a minimum, the doubling of Sun’s cartridge valve technology sales) while maintaining superior profitability and financial strength.

In developing our vision for the Company, we gave great consideration to what we believe is the critical mass of sales that Sun will need by 2025 to remain relevant in the industrial goods sector. We firmly believe we can reach sales of $1 billion by 2025 with $500 million achieved organically and $500 million achieved through acquisitions. As with Enovation Controls, we seek acquisition targets that will advance our technology standing relative to others serving industrial markets. Importantly, any acquisition must contribute to Sun’s continued financial success, consisting of superior profitability and financial strength maintained over the long term. Such success is imperative for lasting shareholder value.

Our current initiatives for organic growth include developing new product lines to expand our electro-hydraulic offerings, penetrating new geographic markets, expanding sales and marketing efforts in existing geographic markets, and creating new channels to market to reach customers not presently in Sun’s purview.

Our strategic roadmap for both segments also includes differentiating products and services; exercising disciplined and thoughtful leadership throughout our global organization; and giving consistent attention to the voice of the customer across all processes and activities. We use internal key performance indicators every day to align our short-term actions with our long-term strategy.