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The following is a list of older catalogues and other printed literature available from Sun Hydraulics.  Please note that the product and technical data on our website are the most current and correct. You can download up-to-date individual product data sheets or catalogues of data sheets using our QuickPrint PDF catalogue tool for the most current information.

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A quick resource of condensed cartridge information with the most popular options and brief technical notes.

This V5.0 CD is a complete electronic reference archive of all Sun published catalogues. Over 2,700 pages of Sun Cartridges, Line Mount and Sandwich Bodies, and Selected Assemblies in both inch and metric versions with navigation from page to page, between catalogues, and between the CD and the Sun Web Site is easily accomplished through hypertext links, bookmarks, and thumbnail images. All revised, up-dated Cartridge and Body Technical Tips are included on this new CD.
Other Literature
Updated booklet of service instructions, installation torque values, cartridge control options, cartridge seal kits, coil seal kits, Sun solenoid electrical connectors, cavity plugs, cavity form tools, instructions for mounting and assembly of sandwich bodies, retainers, seals, studrods, studnuts for sandwich bodies, bar manifold mounting brackets and a valve assembly package cross reference table. 40 Pages.

Sun announces High Flow Series 4 PLUS Cartridge Valves and an Optimized Cavity in this four page brochure, where the first available models of check valves and logic elements are described.

Sun’s offering of direct acting, full- and pilot-flow solenoid cartridge valves incorporates exceptional design features which result in superior performance characteristics: Unique cavity allows optimized flow paths, floating style cartridge design minimizes the effect of excessive installation torque, 5000 psi (350 bar) operating pressure, very low leakage, transient voltage suppression diode is integral to DC coils, a wide variety of coil voltages and connector options, rating to IP69K on selected coil connectors, rugged manual overrides, and the “soft-shift” option extends response time and as a result minimizes hydraulic shock in the system. These Sun valves will operate in most application environments and are especially well-suited for demanding systems requiring high performance.

This 8- page brochure lists Sun's corrosion resistant cartridge valves with high strength stainless steel external components. These valves are tested under 1,000 hours of salt spray, operate at 5000 psi (350 bar) working pressure at all ports, and are recommended for Marine, Oil and Gas, Agricultural, Chemical, Food Processing, Power Generation, and Pulp and Paper Industries.

REGENERATION VALVE ASSEMBLIES AND OPTIONAL CIRCUIT METHODS: Full time and pressure sensitive regeneration assembly technical tips, outline drawings, and performances curves. 120 pages.

CARTRIDGE FILTERS: Includes Surface Type (Last Chance) Elements for Series 1, 2, 3, and 4, Depth Type Elements for Series 3 and 4, and Sandwich Bodies used with Sun Filters. 14 pages.

This CD contains over 5,000 Sun 3-letter Bodies and Standard (Y and X) Assemblies. Search by model code or function to view inch dimension detailed engineering drawings for all bodies and assemblies. A new feature for version 4 is the Key Word Search. Enter key words such as *relief* or *solenoid operated* (with asterisks (*) before and after) in the bottom line of search boxes on the Main Screen of the Body Program. A list with the searched feature will appear in the bottom window. Select any line in the list and view your requested drawing. The installation takes 64MB of RAM and 350MB of hard disk space to completely load this quick reference tool on your own computer. If you need a metric drawing, go to and enter the model code in home page Search. For tech support questions on this CD, contact

Provides a multimedia introduction to hydraulics, covering fundamental hydraulic principles as well as showing how cartridge valves operate in different types of circuits with linear and rotary actuators. The program also simulates typical problems that may occur and suggested solutions. This interactive computer program contains audio instruction (Active Tutor) to explain its use and the function of the hydraulic circuits. Because this Sun CD is easy to use and shows relevant and real hydraulic systems, it has been adopted by some college hydraulic courses. For tech support questions on this CD, contact
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