Coils with No Diode: Another
Optimized Solution from Sun

coil-symbols Sun Hydraulics now offers a selection of 770 (round) coils without transient voltage spike, or TVS, surge suppression diodes.

The TVS diodes are included in DC coils to clamp the voltage spikes that occur when the coils are de-energized. The TVS diodes protect the electrical system from flyback voltage.

The new coils without TVS diodes should only be used when surge suppression is included elsewhere in the electrical system. Note: The TVS diode may need to be omitted in some systems, some with certain brand electrical controllers for example. Controller manufacturers can advise whether a TVS diode is necessary or must be omitted.

Coils now available without TVS surge suppression diodes:

VoltageDIN 43650 Form AAmp Jr. TimerTwin LeadsMetri PackDeutsch
12 VDC 770-212N 770-612N 770-712N 770-812N 770-912N
14 VDC 770-214N 770-814N 770-914N
24 VDC 770-224N 770-624N 770-724N 770-824N 770-924N

Note: These model codes are similar to model codes for coils with TVS diodes. Model codes for coils without TVS diodes simply have the suffix N. Only those shown above are available.

To Order:

Coils may be ordered separately or assembled to cartridges. Use the model codes above to order coils separately. For coils assembled to cartridges, omit the first three characters of the coil model code and append to the cartridge model code.

Ordering examples:

    • Model code DLDA XCN-912N describes a 2-way, solenoid-operated directional spool valve, 12 VDC coil with Deutsch DT04-2P connector, without the diode.
    • Model code DLDA XCN-912 describes the same valve and coil assembly with the diode.
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