Corrosion Resistant Cartridge Valves from Sun

Availability and Delivery

  • Sun's initial offerings of corrosion resistant cartridges were designed and sourced in the UK. Due to the growth of the product line, production has been relocated to Sarasota to be part of Sun's mainline cartridge manufacturing.
  • With manufacturing in Sarasota, corrosion resistant models share the same standard lead time and expedite services as other cartridge models.

Design Changes

  • Due to manufacturing design changes, a wider selection of corrosion resistant cartridge models are available. Refer to each individual cartridge product page for available options.
  • New Control Option R completely seals adjustment screws from the environment while retaining existing minimum and maximum setting stops. Counterbalance cartridges can be configured with the new corrosion resistant R control. New style R Control kits are available for all other models.

Control Option R

Material Changes

  • Cartridge valve bodies are now made from Lean Duplex Stainless Steel offering the following advantages:
    • LDX is twice as strong as 316/316L. All ports are rated at 5000 psi (350 bar).
    • Resistance to corrosion  compares favorably to 316L stainless steel
  • Adjustment screws are made from either Titanium or Silicon Brass.

Model Code Change

  • Corrosion Resistant cartridges from Sun will now be specified by a "slash" modifier appended to the standard cartridge model code. P and W in the 7th position will no longer be used. Refer to each individual cartridge product page for available options.