Integrated packages: solutions
that grow your reputation

A successful hydraulic solution is more than a design that works. You can build something that simply works using line-mount components and a rat’s nest of hoses. But with easy access to effective value-added integrated solutions, why would you?

Sun Hydraulics Integrated Packages

A successful hydraulic solution leverages a design that accomplishes the following:

  • Meets all the requirements of the application
  • Performs well
  • Provides the best value
  • Delivers it all in a package that inspires customer confidence in your solutions

Sun Hydraulics’ integrated packages, whether standard or custom, offer efficiencies and performance improvements over other approaches. And they’re easy to order and can ship in a matter of days, not weeks. 

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Our customers have three effective paths for building a Sun integrated package, all of which deliver high performance and quick turnaround times:

  • Select your own standard integrated packages based on a wide range of cartridges and compatible manifolds that can be configured on the website and ordered from your distributor;
  • Use QuickDesign – our free, web-based manifold design software – to create your own three-axis custom design solution;
  • Tap into SunDesign™ custom design services for optimized five-axis solutions.

Standard Integrated Packages

Sun has a wide range of standard solutions based on more than 900 cartridge models and more than 2,400 manifolds. You can browse the website’s hundreds of standard configured solutions or start with a cartridge or manifold type and create your own standard solution simply by selecting the cartridges and manifolds and clicking on “Build an Assembly.”

QuickDesign Custom Design Software

QuickDesign 3D renderingAnd if the thousands of Sun standard integrated packages available don’t meet your needs, you can use our free QuickDesign web-based, automated design tool to create custom manifold designs based on your input, with your solution automatically designed and delivered to your inbox in as little as ten minutes. You can quickly go from concept to design or develop an idea through multiple iterations, ending up with a solution that can be shipped from Sun in two weeks standard or, using the supplied CAD files, machined on your own machining centers.

SunDesign Five-Axis Integrated Package

SunDesign Custom Design Services

For the most optimized solution, turn to SunDesign, our manifold engineering design services that, using five-axis design, leverages compound-angle drilling to deliver the most compact package given any design constraints; the largest, most efficient flow paths; and the fewest number of construction plugs (if any at all).

Integrated package with electronic controlsWhether you choose standard, QuickDesign or SunDesign, our integrated packages are more efficient. Our designs offer larger, shorter, more direct flow paths, resulting in reduced pressure drop. They minimize the use of machine real estate, with as great as 50% reductions in manifold volume. And by offering flexible placement of ports and cartridges, we can deliver packages that are more easily integrated into your machine.

For a more in-depth comparison of QuickDesign and SunDesign,
see our article,  "QuickDesign & SunDesign: Sun's 3- & 5-Axis Solutions."

And Sun makes it easy:

  • One part number and one price for the entire solution
  • Fewer fittings, hoses, tubing and labor for lower cost of ownership
  • Minimized time, energy and internal resources needed to create an effective solution

Sun offers the most common materials and finishes listed below, and Sun does consider special materials and finishes. We offer the following standard options:

Integrated package built on blackened ductile manifold

  • Wrought aluminum (Rated at 3000 psi / 210 bar), alloy 6061, temper designation T651 (The Aluminum Association) (ASTM B221 for Extruded Bar). In EU, 6082T651.
  • Ductile (nodular cast) Iron (Rated at 5000 psi/350 bar), Grade 65-45-12 (ASTM A536). In EU, EN16482:2014/ENGJS-400-15.

And with a new 75,000-square-foot facility and machinery in the United States working in conjunction with our global facilities around the world, Sun deliveries are fast and flexible wherever you’re located.

With Sun, you can get an integrated package that grows your reputation and inspires confidence in your solutions. And you can get it when you need it.

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