Manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities

"Manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities" Technical Tip discusses a variety of points that should be considered when manufacturing a Sun cavity. Many of these points could be classified as general machining rules, but this Tech Tip puts them into the context of machining cavities specifically for Sun cartridges.

Because many of Sun's cartridges are installed in cavities manufactured outside of Sun's walls, which is roughly two thirds of all the cartridges we manufacture, we offer this information to assist anyone in making Sun cavities. The Sun cavity is integral to the proper operation of Sun cartridges, and, if machined properly, ensures that the cartridge will work when installed (all Sun cartridges are functionally tested at the factory). If the circuit itself is sound, a properly machined cavity translates to a fully functional manifold assembly that does not require testing. It just works.

View the "Manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities" Technical Tip.

In addition, for detailed cavity information, navigate to Products: Tooling, then choose your cavity. The resulting cavity information page includes:

  • Detailed cavity drawings in PDF, DXF, and DWG formats
  • Minimum clearance requirement between cavities (for socket wrench clearance)
  • Listing of available tooling for the chosen cavity
  • Links to the tooling product pages

Every cartridge product page shows its required cavity in the Technical Data table.  Clicking on the cavity name links back to the appropriate cavity tooling page. This same Technical Data table also lists the cartridge Series. Clicking on the Series designation brings you to a table providing an overview of Sun cavities. An example of the RPEC Technical Data table is shown below.

RPEC Tech Data

Please review this Technical Tip and share it within your organization, especially to those who manufacture Sun cavities.