Proportional Cartridge Valves from Sun

5000 psi (350 bar) and up to 200 gpm (760 L/min)
Relief / Reducing / Flow Controls

Cost effective and readily available

Suitable for demanding industrial applications

Sun's new Proportional Cartridge controls are available in a wide range of pilot, single, and two stage products, with ratings up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and flow up to 200 gallons (760 liters) per minute.

Available functions:
  • 2, 3, and 4 port Relief Valves
  • 3 and 4 port Reducing and Reducing/Relieving Valves
  • 4 port Hybrid Relief and Check combinations
  • 2 port Throttle Valves
Proportional Cartridge Valves

All Proportional Cartridge Valves feature Sun's floating style construction for unparalleled reliability and serviceability, and fit existing Sun cavities and standard bodies.

Proportional solenoid coils are interchangeable with the coils used on Sun's complete line of Series 1 cartridge Solenoid Directional Valves.

  • Coils are available with a variety of electrical interfaces:
    ISO/DIN 43650       Twin Lead      SAE J858A (Twin Spade)
    AMP Junior Timer    Metri-Pack    Deutsch
  • Most DIN plug amplifiers are compatible with Sun Proportional Valves.

Sun's Proportional Throttle Valves are available as both normally open and normally closed models and are inherently pressure compensated.

By utilizing Sun's new line of Proportional Cartridge Valves and integrating into a Sun Hydraulics custom engineered Valvepak manifold, virtually an infinite variety of hydraulic functions can be designed into a compact, efficient and attractive package.

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