QuickPrint offers custom, up-to-date catalogues of Sun products

Sun Hydraulics QuickPrint Catalogues
Sun Hydraulics now offers the ability for you to create your own catalogues on demand from our website. QuickPrint delivers up-to-date, customizable PDF catalogues to your email inbox in as little as two minutes.

It’s quick and easy to use.
Choose a product type (in this example, we start with relief cartridges).

QuickPrint Process

The relief cartridge category includes 74 cartridges. In the left column, you can use the filter selection tool to specify several different characteristics relevant to relief cartridges:

    • Cavity
    • Capacity
    • Descriptors
    • Special materials

If you choose “Direct-acting,” the list is reduced to 17 cartridges. You can continue to narrow the list using capacity or other descriptors and create a smaller catalogue. Or you can click on the “Generate PDF Catalogue” button at the top or bottom of the listing page to generate a PDF document containing technical data sheets on all 17 direct-acting relief cartridges. 

Once you click, you’ll be asked for your email address.

QuickPrint Email Signup

Once you enter your email address and hit “Submit,” your request will be entered for processing. Depending on the size of the catalogue and the number of requests in the queue, your catalogue can take as little as a few minutes to process.

When it arrives in your inbox, you’ll have a PDF catalogue with a cover page, table of contents, cavity information, technical data sheets for all the products in your filtered list, and a back page with Sun Hydraulics’ contact information. Each product page will include a QR code that allows users to scan the code and get additional detailed product information from the website, if needed.

View a sample QuickPrint catalogue >

This new QuickPrint tool provides you with up-to-date information in a portable format that can be customized and shared with customers and coworkers via email or printed out to carry into the field.

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