'Soft' Relief Eliminates Pressure Spikes

Sun's soft relief valve effectively eliminates damaging pressure spikes and also limits the degree of force changes (jerk) on system components, making it possible to increase the system pressure without the need to strengthen any components. These valves can be applied in place of an ordinary relief valve to provide protection for, and enhance the life of, pumps, motors, hydrostatic drives and sensitive, costly components such as precision test gauges and transducers. They also can be used as a start-up valve for small pumps.

The soft relief valve is interchangeable with other Sun relief cartridges of the same capacity — i.e., it fits the same cavity and has the same flow path.

For further technical information on the soft relief valve, click Model RPGT, or view our Relief Cartridges and select "Pilot-Operated, Balanced Poppet" and "Soft" as the Descriptor.