Solenoid-Operated Directional Cartridges with Position Indication

Sun offers solenoid-operated directional cartridges in a variety of styles and configurations. A selection of these can now include an inductive position switch, providing confirmation of the spool position. Valves with position indication are used when the spool position status is important for the operation of the equipment.

It is important to note that the coils of solenoid-operated cartridge valves with position switches must be specified at the time of order and cannot be assembled separately.

Position switch features:
  • PNP - solid-state switch with normally open and normally closed outputs
  • IP65-rated, 4-pin, M12 connector
  • CE approved
  • Factory set for position indication
  • 20-30 Vdc operating voltage

Solenoid-operated directional cartridges features:

  • 5000-psi (350-bar) pressure rating at all ports
  • Bidirectional flow capacity
  • Available in 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way configurations
  • All with closed transition flow paths

Solenoid Operated Directional Valve with Position Switch

The following table includes an overview of Sun's solenoid-operated directional cartridges with position switches along with links to additional detailed information:

FunctionSymbolNominal CapacityCartridge ModelCavity
2-way, 2-position, with position-indicating switch  DLDAZ Symbol 12 gpm (45 L/min.) DLDA-Z** T-13A
3-way, 2-position, with position-indicating switch  DMDAZ Symbol 12 gpm (45 L/min.) DMDA-Z** T-11A
4-way, 2-position, with position-indicating switch  DNCAZ Symbol 8 gpm (30 L/min.) DNCA-Z** T-31A