Sun Introduces 'Hybrid' Valves

Sun has recently introduced a new family of combination valve cartridges that incorporate a relief and check function into a single cartridge.  And since both functions exist in one, only one cavity is required. This results in a simpler system with fewer mechanical connections to maintain. As with other Sun relief products, several mounting configurations will be available, including pump mounting.

These 'hybrid' cartridges are available in two different flavors; 'relief-before-check' and 'relief-after-check'.

The relief-before-check cartridge can be used to provide pump isolation and relief protection in single or multiple pump circuits. It is available in the following three configurations:

hilite_hybrid Direct-Acting (3-port)
hilite_hybrid4 Pilot-Operated, Balanced Piston, Ventable (4-port)
This cartridge is an internally piloted relief with an external vent port (port 4). The vent port may be used for remote control or unloading.
hilite_hybrid3 Normally Closed, Balanced Piston, Modulating Element with Integral Pilot Control Cavity (4-port)
This cartridge is designed to accept a pilot control valve into the T-8A cavity located in the hex end of the cartridge. An air-piloted relief or proportional pilot control valve is recommended for a wider range of control.

The  relief-after-check cartridge provides protection on the system side of the circuit and is only available in the direct-acting configuration:

hilite_hybrid2 Direct-Acting (3-port)

For details on these new products, click on the links above or view our Relief Cartridges and select either Before Check or After Check in the Descriptors field.

For further information on proportional control, please contact Sun.