Sun's T-8A Cavity Concept

Choose from a range of pilot- and main-stage valves
to dial in your solution

The T-8A cavity solution is Sun's unique approach to achieve a wide range of distinctly different control functions. With careful consideration of the individual functions of both the pilot- and main-stage elements, the end user can build a customized control solution using standard components. The T-8A cavity principle provides solutions that can more precisely match your control criteria.


The Main Stage Element

The main stage element provides the main functionality of the two-cartridge combination. Sun's 95 unique main stage cartridges with integrated T-8A cavities provide relief, reducing, reducing/relieving, sequence, logic, directional and flow control functions. Combined with the right T-8A pilot valve, you can realize accurate, high-speed control at extremely high capacities.

To see all Sun main stage cartridges that feature an integral T-8A cavity, use the "Cartridges" navigation to go to any category of cartridges (or click on the main "Cartridges" navigation to see all cartridges). Once you are on a product listing page, in the left column, under "Descriptors," choose "Integral T-8A control cavity." This will filter the list and show those cartridges that include the cavity.

The Pilot Stage Element

The pilot cartridge provides the control method for the main stage element and can be anything from manually actuated switching elements to high-speed digital logic valves. There are thirteen different Sun T-8A cartridges that are recommended for piloting large main stages, covering directional control, pressure control, proportional pressure control, and flow control. Note that while most main stage elements can accept multiple pilot stages, not all pilot stages are compatible with every main stage. Be sure to carefully consider your options to ensure that the right overall cartridge function can be achieved. 

On the website, you can filter the cartridge listings to display all T-8A pilot valve offerings. If you go to "Cavities" and select "T-8A," you will generate a list of compatible valves.

Imagine the Possibilities

With so many combination possibilities, you can design a solution that is unique, flexible, and precisely fits your application requirements.


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