Ventable Soft Relief

Sun's latest product introduction, Model RVET, is a 3-port, pilot operated, ventable soft relief which not only limits maximum system pressure, but also the rate of pressure rise.

Model RVET broadens Sun's existing family of 2-port soft relief products by including a vent port (port 3). This vent port allows for remote control by other pilot or 2-way valves, including Sun's electro-proportional, pilot relief, Model RBAP.

Ventable Soft Relief
Benefits of Sun's Soft Relief
Performance Comparisons

Controlled rate of pressure rise means less dynamic stress for components

  • No pressure transients above setting
  • Limited rate of force change
  • Increases the life expectancy of hoses and other critical components in the circuit

Standard 3-port Relief with 2-way switching valve

Standard 3-port Relief 2-way soft shift switching valve

Ventable soft Relief with soft shift switching valve

Ventable soft Relief with electro-proportional pilot relief

Uses a normally open pilot section to maintain a minimum threshold setting

  • A minimum threshold setting allows the valve to begin controlling the rate of pressure rise immediately from the vent pressure setting
  • Incorporates a return spring to ensure a reliable reset