We continue to pursue vertical sales in markets that are not fully leveraged.


Broad end market coverage

Electronics Markets

We anticipate significant expansion in the growing electronics markets as we improve and expand our technology offerings with integrated solutions. Substantial investment in our manufacturing capabilities enables swift delivery of product on aggressive timelines to meet customer demand. Capitalizing on our success in the specialty vehicle markets and applying them to the growing off-highway OEM space is a targeted focus, while we continue to pursue vertical sales in markets that are not fully leveraged. Anticipated product launches in the near term will allow us to compete for increased share in existing markets, expanded share in targeted growth markets and increased content on the applications.

As equipment and engine OEMs fully transition to Tier 4 emissions regulations, we are ahead of the development curve to meet this need with emissions-compliant configurable solutions.

As part of our global strategy, our ready stable of mechanically compatible components enables us to retain those customers in developing regions as we transition them to fully electronic solutions. Our intense focus to deliver rugged and reliable, easy-to-use components also positions us well to capture the large, fast-growing construction machinery rental market.

We continue to build upon our existing platforms to meet new demands on a growing variety of applications. We incorporate technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even Infotainment options across many of our electronic control solutions, which customers demand for heightened safety, ergonomics, enhanced performance and usability. We believe we will meet Vision 2025 as the single-source supplier of industry-leading electronic control solutions for our lucrative growth markets with integrated, cutting-edge solutions.

  • Recreational Marine & Power Sports Vehicles

    We dominate the recreational marine and specialty vehicle markets by delivering innovative display, infotainment and connected solutions every model year.

  • Construction & Material Handling

    We understand the issues facing OEMs to meet increasing emissions regulations and seamlessly integrate high-tech features for a safe and ergonomic solution.

  • Agriculture & Irrigation

    As processes out in the field become more automated, operators depend on our controls to eliminate downtime and provide reliable, configurable control.

  • Industrial Machinery

    We engineer solutions for equipment OEMs and rental fleets to address increasing demand for performance and functionality as they move to electronic engines.

Hydraulics Markets

The market for cartridge valve technology is estimated at over $2 billion, and Sun Hydraulics maintains a leadership position as a premium brand in that market. While widely known for superior load-holding technology – a critical component of many hydraulic systems – Sun Hydraulics offers a substantial range of high-quality hydro-mechanical valves used in almost every industrial and mobile market where fluid power is applied.

To realize Vision 2025, Sun has opened up more opportunities in the hydraulic markets with the release of the Sun FLeX™ Series electro-hydraulic valves in 2017. This product offering allows us to target growth in mobile construction, forestry, agriculture and utility markets where OEMs are moving quickly to connect their equipment to communications and control networks and paving the way for remote operation and maintenance; more efficient, greener technologies; and autonomous equipment and vehicles.

Furthermore, in stationary industrial markets, the drive for automation, predictive maintenance and integrated communications is, in turn, driving demand for smarter electro-hydraulic solutions like the FLeX Series.

With the release of the XMD electro-hydraulic driver in 2017 – the first joint product development between our Hydraulics and Electronics groups – Sun has moved decidedly toward more highly integrated hydraulics solutions, targeting medium-sized OEMs that increasingly require precision control using linked technologies. And it is this kind of effort that brings Sun’s Hydraulics and Electronics businesses together to create smart system optimization solutions for industrial and mobile markets.

  • Agriculture

    The drive for increasingly more efficient, smarter agricultural equipment drives more opportunities for Sun’s new FLeX and XMD technologies in this market.

  • Construction & Material Handling

    With rugged hydraulic and electro-hydraulic solutions for motion control and load holding, Sun’s products provide safe, smooth, reliable operation in heavy-duty construction equipment and material handling.

  • On-Highway & Commercial

    On the road, Sun’s cartridge valves play a significant role in everything from fire trucks and utility vehicles to innovative, energy-saving hydraulic hybrid regenerative braking systems.

  • Industrial Machinery

    With product life cycles in the millions of cycles, Sun’s cartridges and integrated packages keep industrial equipment running longer, reducing expensive downtime in demanding industrial presses, forges and packaging equipment applications.

  • Marine & Offshore

    Stainless steel and zinc-nickel-plated valves, weatherized and explosion-proof coils and environmentally sealed electronics from Sun offer a range of solutions for harsh environments, including offshore and underwater hydraulic applications.