SNHY continues its global investment in human capital, facilities and equipment to expand our footprint - and our opportunities - in every market we serve.

With 12 global locations and approximately 200 sales channel partners around the world, we are well positioned to drive organic growth in all regions. And as we continue pursuing our Vision 2025, we are developing our resources to maximize regular customer interaction in the region, for the region, which we believe best positions us for growth in both Hydraulics and Electronics.

  • Over the past couple of years, we began adding application specialists in the field to interact with OEMs and support sales channel partners. This initiative is quickly enhancing our market positioning, helping drive sales opportunities. Also, a collaborative targeted effort to optimize our distribution network has identified our best performing sales channel partners across Hydraulics and Electronics, positioning us to increase market share in both segments.

    Additionally, we also consider consolidation of operations, where appropriate, to maximize our advanced capabilities. To that end, in 2017, High Country Tek’s California operations were absorbed by Enovation Controls to leverage the strengths of both organizations and improve our competitive position.

    58% of consolidated 2017 sales
  • Sun continues to invest in local applications and sales expertise in the UK and Germany to drive sales in the EMEA region. With an eye on market share and new product opportunities, EMEA will continue to be a strong contributor to Sun’s organic growth.

    22% of consolidated 2017 sales
  • Expected gains in market share across all of the APAC region, and especially in China, will drive Sun’s greatest organic growth regionally. Investments in new facilities in APAC, most notably a new factory currently under construction in Incheon, South Korea, and a new facility in Shanghai, China, will provide a better focused base of operations for Hydraulics and Electronics growth.

    20% of consolidated 2017 sales