2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
  • Defined Vision / Designed Transformation

    Beyond Hydraulics

  • Defined Vision / Designed Transformation

    Reimagining Hydraulics

  • Defined Vision / Designed Transformation

    Our Vision for the Future

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Dear Shareholders

We carried out a transformational reassessment of your company last year. We considered the megatrends impacting the industrial goods markets—globalization, growing sophistication and interconnection of machinery and equipment, growing computing power—and re-examined our long-range direction. Based on our reassessment, we updated our vision for the Company and established a set of aggressive objectives to make that vision a reality. Reaching those goals will be challenging, but we firmly believe it is achievable.

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Sun at a Glance

  • 17.5% Operating Profit Margin
    $38.5M Cash from Operations
    $48M Adjusted EBITDA
  • 511% 10-year Total Shareholder Return
    65 Countries Sold Into
    6 Brands
  • 14 Locations
    1,100 Employees
    175 Degreed engineers

Megatrends Impacting our Future

Innovation & Technology

The use of hydraulic technology dates back millennia, but even today we are finding new ways of harnessing the extreme strength and efficiency of fluid power to generate force, speed and motion. Recognizing that equipment and machinery are becoming increasingly interconnected, we are advancing our digital and electronic capabilities by bringing together hydraulics and electronics at Sun.

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Electronics and Hydraulics come together for complete machine control

Vision 2025

Achieve global technology leadership in the industrial goods sector by 2025 with a critical mass exceeding $1 billion in sales while maintaining superior profitability and financial strength.

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Financial Highlights

Net Sales (in millions)

Cash from Operations (in millions)