Model & Date Codes for Sun Cartridges

Sun Cartridge Model & Date CodesSun standard cartridge model codes are comprised of a seven character alpha/numeric combination. Material/coating options are defined using a "slash" modifier appended to the seven character model code. Available options for each model are shown on its respective product page.

Model codes are stamped on one hex face of the cartridge as shown below. A minimum of the first four characters is required when searching. The entire model code is searchable with or without the hyphens. The "/" must be included in the text string when present.

Examples of cartridge model codes:

RPECLAN - Pilot-operated relief cartridge valve
RPEC-LAN/AP - Pilot-operated relief cartridge valve, stainless steel external parts, passivated
RPEC-8WN - Pilot-operated relief cartridge valve with integral T-8A cavity
DTAF-MCN - Solenoid-operated directional cartridge valve (without coil)
DTAF-MCN-224 - Solenoid-operated directional cartridge valve (with coil)
XAOA-XXN - T-8A, two-port cavity plug