Sun's exclusive ENERGEN™ creates and recovers energy - all in one check valve!

Energen™ the new, high efficiency check valve that allows free flow from inlet to outlet and blocks flow in the opposite direction. Composed of an integrated generator that converts power losses into useful energy, Energen™ delivers a robust approach to energy harvesting and check valve functionality.

The story behind ENERGEN™ 

ENERGEN rendering

Born out of the 1st series of Sun’s Product Proceeding Technology, or PPT, initiative, Energen™ is part of a new wave of technology that customers have been waiting for. The time frame from concept to initial prototype was less than a year and involved the work of engineers who worked diligently to produce the valuable solution.

ENERGEN™ Benefits & Features

  • Converts parasitic hydraulic losses into recovered electrical energy
  • Power generation in cartridge valve for sensors, solenoid valves, and other electronics
  • Eliminates wires and harnesses for improved reliability and safety

ENERGEN™ generates power for attachments or implements where the harness can be damaged. It can also recover wasted hydraulic energy from the tank line or bypass system.

More than just another creation- ENERGEN™ is pure innovation!

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