Ajustable amortiguador de manómetro , macho SAE-4 a femenina SAE-4

Technical Features [ + ]

SUN adjustable gage snubbers are throttling and shut-off devices used to isolate and protect hydraulic gages from line pressure transients and the resulting gage pointer pulsations.

  • Snubbers with a male SAE thread are adjustable allowing the knob to be pointed in any direction.
  • Zero leakage at shutoff.
  • Material: 303 and 416 stainless. Knobs are glass-filled nylon.
  • This model includes EPDM seals and is for use in systems with phosphate ester fluids. Exposure to petroleum based fluids, greases and lubricants will damage the seals.
Technical Data [ + ]
Maximum Operating Pressure 6000 psi420 bar
Seal Material EPDMEPDM
Adjustment - No. of CCW Turns from Fully Closed to Fully Open 3.753.75
Effective Orifice Size .035 in.0,9 mm
Port Configuration SAE 4 (Male), SAE 4 (Female)SAE 4 (Male), SAE 4 (Female)
Material acero inoxidableacero inoxidable
FAQs [ + ]

Sorry, the design of the NQAA does not lend itself to other settings. Its claim to fame is that when the gage is broken off the manifold, the working parts of the fuse stay in the port and prevent excess loss of oil. It is a gage line fuse, nothing more.

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