Reduce Hydraulic Shock!

Pump unloading traditionally results in a significant pressure spike in the tank line, jeopardizing the tank line components. The following depicts a typical pump unloading circuit.
Soft Shift Circuit

Sun Hydraulics offers a better solution.

Now available from Sun: The new 'Soft Shift' option for our economical solenoid operated directional valves.

The soft shift option extends the shift times on our spool valves, which can greatly reduce the hydraulic shock generated when a pump is electrically unloaded.

See our technical article entitled:
Spool Valves Allow Soft Unloading

Soft Shift Pressure Spike chart

For more information on Sun's soft shift option, navigate to or search on the following solenoid-operated directional valves:

DTDAS -Series 1, 2/2 poppet style

DAALS -Series P, 2/2 spool type

DLDAS -Series 1, 2/2 spool type

DNDAS -Series 1, 4/2 spool type

DMDAS -Series 1, 3/2 spool type