CE/TÜV Certified Pressure Relief Valves

CE/TÜV certified Sun pressure relief valvesSun cartridge models RDDT and RDFT are CE/TÜV certified relief valves in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

Typical uses include protecting hydraulic accumulators, pressure vessels and piping used on fluid power systems that must comply with the PED. Sun’s cartridges are certified to and meet Category IV of the PED, providing the highest level of system protection and produced with stringent product assurance requirements. Additionally, Sun Hydraulics is certified to modules B and D of the PED, allowing us to self-certify product, thereby ensuring customer delivery schedules are met.

Sun CE/TÜV valves are direct acting poppet valves, that are available in two sizes (Series 1 and series 2), and when used with T-10A and T-3A cavities, can be used to replace and upgrade other Sun relief valves if required.

The model code structure is as follows:
CE Valve Model Code Structure

As defined by the Pressure Equipment Directive, the limits of the permissible flow of these CE/TÜV approved valves are determined as follows:

  • The flow is increased continually at each cracking pressure.
  • The maximum approved flow is reached as soon as the pressure increase is +10%.
    • Because these values differ from one pressure setting to another, the flow limits differ with different pressure settings.
    • In broad terms, the closer you get to the upper limit of the setting range, the greater the maximum approved flow.

RDDT Performance Data
RDFT Performance Data

Advantages of CE/TÜV certified Sun pressure relief valves:

  • Fully approved for use within systems that must comply with the PED
  • Compact, proven, standard cartridge design
  • Interchangeable with other Sun pressure relief valves for system upgrades or repowers
  • Incorporates Sun's floating style construction
  • Leak free operation
  • Fast operating response time
  • Includes Sun's various delivery options to meet your requirements

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