Take the Guesswork Out of Logic Circuits.

hilite_unballogicsym Typical logic circuits employ differential area, 2-way poppet valves, where the combined pressures at all ports, plus or minus the spring forces, determine whether the valve is open or closed. On the other hand, whether the valve is open or closed determines the combination of pressures.

Sun's 4-port balanced logic switching elements take the guesswork out of logic circuitry. These 2-way poppet valves, offered in either normally open or normally closed configurations, are unaffected by pressure at the work ports. Available in four sizes with flow rates from 15 to 120 gpm (60 to 480 L/min.). All ports can accommodate 5000 psi (350 bar).

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Balanced, Logic Element Cartridges

The vent-to-operate version is offered with a T-8A cavity machined into the hex end of the cartridge to accept an integral pilot control cartridge. T-8A pilot control cartridges can be viewed by navigating to:

Products - Cartridges - Pilot Control - Directional - 2-Way

Products - Cartridges - Pilot Control - Flow Control

Products - Cartridges - Pilot Control - Relief