ISO 05 X and Y US sandwich manifold Viton seal kit

990120003 : ISO 05 X and Y US sandwich manifold Viton seal kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun ISO 05 X, Y sandwich bodies are furnished with pilot drain ports, and due to the differences in the U.S. and European drain port locations, two different seal retainer plates are available. The ISO 05 X, Y "02H" seal retainer plate is for use with U.S. manufactured directional valve applications only. Seal retainer plate only, seals only, and combination kits are available.

  • All Sun seal plates are manufactured to current industry standards regarding passages and mounting bolt locations.
  • In applications where the drain and pilot passages do not exist, ISO 05 X and Y bodies can be used as ISO 05 bodies. For this purpose, order Combination Seal and Seal Retainer Kit no. 990-111-007 (Buna-N) or 990-111-003 (Viton).
  • Sun ISO 05 X and Y sandwich bodies contain the drain and pilot passages for both U.S. and European valve manufacturers. The seal plate must be specified and ordered separately to ensure proper drain passage alignment with the rest of the stack.
  • For use with the following U.S. valve products: Double A (Q*-02), Parker-Hannifin (D31W), Racine (FD4-**HS-02), Dynex Rivett (6600-02H), and Snap-Tite (DG02)
  • The ISO 05 X and Y "02H" sandwich body is not rotatable in relation to the seal retainer plate and can be mounted one way only.
Technical Data [ + ]
Seal Material VitonViton
Plate Thickness .050 in.1,27 mm
Used With [ + ]

What models can this kit be used with?

  • WGA ISO 05: Tap in manifold - A and B
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