Series 1 protective cap control kit

991027 : Series 1 protective cap control kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun's Protective Cap is constructed of flexible polyethylene plastic which press-fits onto the L-Control cartridge shoulder creating a snug, vacuum seal. Since this cap is both removable and replaceable, protection from corroding elements is provided along with the ability to make field adjustments to the cartridge's setting. This cap is available from Sun as a kit containing ten pieces.

  • The protective cap is designed to be both removeable and reuseable to allow for setting adjustments in the field.
  • Constructed of a flexible polyethylene plastic which, when installed correctly, creates a vacuum seal around the cartridge's adjustment mechanism.
  • Can be conveniently installed and removed by hand.
  • For use on all Series 1 Cartridges with an L adjustment.
  • For additional protection, the interior of the protective cap around the sealing lip area may be coated with lithium grease (NLGI Grade 2).
  • Kit contains (10) reusable pieces.
Technical Data [ + ]
For Cartridge Models Series 1Series 1
Material Black plasticBlack plastic
Overall Height 1.91 in.48,5 mm
Valve Hex Size 7/8 in.22,2 mm
Notes [ + ]
  • Ensure the screw adjustment mechanism ("L " Control) is set to the proper setting.
  • Press the protective cap over the end of the cartridge assembly as shown.
  • Using the ball of your hand or a rigid surface, press FIRMLY against the end of the protective cap until the cap lip stretches over the beginning of the cartridge hex, expelling the air within the chamber.
  • To remove the protective cap, gently pull away from cartridge hex until the cap comes loose.
  • Replace the protective cap with a new one if any abrasions, nicks or tears are evident along cap lip incluiding interior edge and sealing lip.
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