Series 1 tamper resistant cover, control kit

991032 : Series 1 tamper resistant cover, control kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun's tamper resistant cover is a zinc plated steel cover which press-fits onto the counterbalance's L Control cartridge shoulder. All Series 1 counterbalance cartridges configured with a 'C' control will be shipped with the new style injection molded cap. This metal can is only available in kit form for replacement parts or field conversion and will fit any Series 1 'L' adjust counterbalance cartridge, including those designed to fit the new style cap.

  • The tamper resistant cover is designed to be a non-removable item. Once removed, it can not be re-assembled to the cartridge.
  • Sun's counterbalance cartridges have shorter adjustment mechanisms and can, therefore, accommodate lower profile covers.
  • For use on all Series 1 Counterbalance Cartridges with an L adjustment.
Technical Data [ + ]
For Cartridge Models Series 1 Counterbalance and Load ControlsSeries 1 Counterbalance and Load Controls
Material Zinc Plated SteelZinc Plated Steel
Overall Height 1.00 in.25,4 mm
Cover inside diameter .75 in.19 mm
Valve Hex Size 7/8 in.22,2 mm
Notes [ + ]
  • Adjust valve to desired setting and tighten locknut.
  • Using an arbor press or a soft hammer, install cover until it seats on cartridge hex (press fit).
  • Press fit required between cartridge shoulder and cover.
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