Series 1 tamper resistant cover, control kit

991032A00 : Series 1 tamper resistant cover, control kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun's tamper resistant cover is a stainless steel cover which press-fits onto the Series 1 counterbalance's L Control cartridge shoulder. Corrosion resistant cartridges may be ordered in this configuration from Sun by specifying a C control in the model number with /AP appended. Sun kits for replacement parts or field conversion are available.

  • The tamper resistant cover is designed to be a non-removable item. Once removed, it can not be re-assembled to the cartridge.
  • Sun's counterbalance cartridges have shorter adjustment mechanisms and can, therefore, accommodate lower profile covers.
  • For use on all Series 1 Counterbalance Cartridges with an L adjustment.
Technical Data [ + ]
For Cartridge Models Series 1 Counterbalance and Load ControlsSeries 1 Counterbalance and Load Controls
Material Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Overall Height 1.00 in.25,4 mm
Cover inside diameter .75 in.19 mm
Valve Hex Size 7/8 in.22,2 mm
Notes [ + ]
  • Adjust valve to desired setting and tighten locknut.
  • Using an arbor press or a soft hammer, install cover until it seats on cartridge hex (press fit).
  • Press fit required between cartridge shoulder and cover.
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