ISO 05 studnut and studrod kit - M6 thread

992102 : ISO 05 studnut and studrod kit - M6 thread
Technical Features [ + ]

To simplify the installation of ISO 03 and ISO 05 sandwiches, Sun offers uncut (can be cut to length in the field) or precut studkits in both inch and metric standard threaded rod. Once the rods are installed in a subplate or manifold, they act as a guide in assembling the sandwich body stack. After the directional control valve is assembled on top of the stack, Sun studnuts are used to retain the assembled stack.

  • Studnuts feature an outside diameter equivalent to a standard socket head cap screw.
  • Full Thread engagement.
  • Mechanical stop between the internal hex and the thread to prevent the hex wrench from being pushed out of its socket.
Technical Data [ + ]
Recommended Torque 108 lbf in.12 Nm
Internal Hex Size 3/16 in.3/16 in.
Thread M6M6
Studrod Length 12 in.305 mm
Minimum Tensile Strength 125,000 psi8620 bar
Minimum Yield Point 105,000 psi105,000 psi
Hardness 26 - 32 Rc26 - 32 Rc
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