Balanced, load control valve

Capacity: 120 gpm480 L/min. | Cavity: T-19A
MBIM : Balanced, load control valve
Technical Features [ + ]

Balanced load control valves combine a balanced modulating element with a reverse flow check. The check valve allows free flow from the directional valve (port 2) to the load (port 1) while the pilot to open modulating element controls flow from port 1 to port 2. Pilot pressure at port 3 determines the flow setting.

  • This valve has no relief function. Not even thermal expansion relief.
  • Maximum valve leakage at reseat for I, K, M ranges is 5 drops/min. (0,3 cc/min.) at 200 psi (14 bar) below cracking pressure; E and G ranges is 3 cubic in/min. (50 cc/min.) at 50 psi (3,5 bar) below cracking pressure; H range is 3 cubic in/min. (50 cc/min.) at 75 psi (5 bar) below cracking pressure.
  • E, G, H ranges are not meant for zero leak type applications.
  • This valve is balanced against load pressures and therefore exhibits self-compensation. Flow is controlled by the pilot pressure. Because of dynamic seals, performance is best in the meter out mode with port 1 being the load and port 2 being tank.
  • Backpressure at port 2 directly opposes pilot pressure at port 3.
  • This valve is a physical replacement for a counterbalance valve but probably won't work well in a cross-piloted cylinder application. A low pilot ratio is needed for machine stability and a balanced load control has an infinitely high pilot ratio.
  • Applications that use a separate pressure source to the pilot have been successful in providing smooth and stable load control.
  • All 3-port counterbalance, load control, and pilot-to-open check cartridges are physically interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
  • Sun load control and counterbalance cartridges can be installed directly into a cavity machined in an actuator housing for added protection and improved stiffness in the circuit.
  • This valve has positive seals between all ports.
  • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.
Technical Data [ + ]
Note: Data may vary by configuration. See CONFIGURATION section.
Cavity T-19A
Series 4
Capacity 120 gpm480 L/min.
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 psi350 bar
Maximum Valve Leakage at Reseat See Technical FeaturesSee Technical Features
Check Cracking Pressure 25 psi1,7 bar
Valve Hex Size 1 5/8 in.41,3 mm
Valve Installation Torque 350 - 375 lbf ft474 - 508 Nm
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FAQs [ + ]

There are exactly 250 Sun drops in a cubic inch or 15 in a cc.

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