Gauge line fuse, male SAE-6 to female SAE-4

NQAAXAVII : Gauge line fuse, male SAE-6 to female SAE-4
Technical Features [ + ]

SUN gage line fuses protect systems from loss of oil if a gage or signal line breaks. If an object hits the gage or the fuse and breaks off the hex of the fuse, the line fuse will continue to perform its function because the working parts are located inside the port. The flow required to actuate the gage line fuse is 1.0 gpm (4 L/min).

  • Valve shuts off when flow exceeds 1 gpm (4 L/min.) +/- 20% or pressure differential exceeds 100 +/- 25 psi (7 bar +/- 1,7 bar).
  • Valve reopens when differential pressure drops below 80 +/- 20 psi (3 +/- 1,3 bar).
  • Arrow shows direction of closing flow.
Technical Data [ + ]
Seal Material VitonViton
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 psi350 bar
Port Configuration SAE 6 (Male), SAE 4 (Female)SAE 6 (Male), SAE 4 (Female)
Material Zinc Plated SteelZinc Plated Steel
FAQs [ + ]

Sorry, the design of the NQAA does not lend itself to other settings. Its claim to fame is that when the gage is broken off the manifold, the working parts of the fuse stay in the port and prevent excess loss of oil. It is a gage line fuse, nothing more.

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