Air bleed and start-up valve

Capacity: 4 - 50 gpm15 - 200 L/min. | Cavity: T-3A
NQEB : Air bleed and start-up valve
Technical Features [ + ]

Air-bleed and start-up cartridges are used to purge air trapped in the system to help reduce power requirements and facilitate pump priming during the start-up of blocked center circuits.

  • Air-bleed and start-up valves require a minimum of 4 gpm (15 L/min.) flow rate and 80 psi (5,5 bar) system pressure.
  • The valve will re-open when system pressure falls below 25 psi (1,7 bar)
  • After air has been purged, closing times vary from approximately 12 seconds at 4 gpm (15 L/min.) to 0.5 seconds at 50 gpm 200 L/min.).
  • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.
Technical Data [ + ]
Note: Data may vary by configuration. See CONFIGURATION section.
Cavity T-3A
Series 2
Capacity 4 - 50 gpm15 - 200 L/min.
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 psi350 bar
Valve Hex Size 1 1/8 in.28,6 mm
Valve Installation Torque 45 - 50 lbf ft61 - 68 Nm
Model Weight .40 lb0,20 kg
Seal kit - Cartridge Buna: 990203007
Seal kit - Cartridge Polyurethane: 990003002
Seal kit - Cartridge Viton: 990203006
Performance Curves [ + ]
FAQs [ + ]

There are exactly 250 Sun drops in a cubic inch or 15 in a cc.

Only external seals are serviceable.  Sun offers replacement seal kits for all cartridge models. The applicable kit part number can be found in the product page's Technical Data table or by using our Cartridge Seal Kit search function located under Accessories. Please note: Converting the external seals from one material to another does not ensure fluid compatibility with that material due to the existence of internal seals within the cartridge.
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