Pressure compensated priority flow control assembly


Function for YFCQ
Port Designators [ + ]
Modifiers Ports
A, A/S Ports IN & EF: 3/8" NPTF; Port CF: 3/8" NPTF;
B, B/S Ports IN & EF: 1/4" NPTF; Port CF: 1/4" NPTF;
C, C/S Ports IN & EF: 1/2" NPTF; Port CF: 1/2" NPTF;
I, I/S Ports IN & EF: SAE 6; Port CF: SAE 6;
J, J/S Ports IN & EF: SAE 8; Port CF: SAE 8;
T, T/S Ports IN & EF: 1/4" BSPP; Port CF: 1/4" BSPP;
U, U/S Ports IN & EF: 3/8" BSPP; Port CF: 3/8" BSPP;
V, V/S Ports IN & EF: 1/2" BSPP; Port CF: 1/2" BSPP;
Technical Features [ + ]

This assembly consists of a bypass/restrictive, fully adjustable, pressure-compensated, priority flow control which takes an input flow at port IN and uses it to satisfy the priority flow at port CF. If the input flow exceeds the priority flow requirement, the excess is bypassed out port EF. The bypass flow may be used in a secondary circuit.

Technical Data [ + ]
Body Type Line mountLine mount
Capacity 15 gpm60 L/min.
Mounting Hole Diameter .34 in.8.6 mm
Mounting Hole Depth ThroughThrough
Mounting Hole Quantity 22
FAQs [ + ]

There are exactly 250 Sun drops in a cubic inch or 15 in a cc.

Direct-acting valves are used to prevent over pressure, and pilot-operated valves are used to regulate pressure. If you are unsure, use a direct-acting valve. Sun's direct acting valves are very fast, dirt tolerant, stable, and robust. Sun's pilot-operated valves are moderately fast, they have a low pressure rise vs. flow curve, and they are easy to adjust.

Notes [ + ]
  • Important: Carefully consider the maximum system pressure. The pressure rating of the manifold is dependent on the manifold material, with the port type/size a secondary consideration. Manifolds constructed of aluminum are not rated for pressures higher than 3000 psi (210 bar), regardless of the port type/size specified.
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