Manifold model codes

Sun standard manifold model codes are typically comprised of a three-character alpha/numeric combination stamped on one face of the manifold, normally below the Sun Hydraulics logo. Standard manifold model codes may also have a modifier comprised of a "/" followed by the letters V, S, Y, M, Z, T or W. These modifiers change the material, threads and/or seal material in a manifold.

A manifold search will work with or without a modifier. To search for a model code with the modifier, the "/" must be included.

Modifier Explanations:

ModifierViton Seals
Aluminum None /V
Ductile Iron /S /Y
Aluminum-Metric /M /Z
Ductile Iron-Metric /T /W

Examples of Manifold Model Codes:

FAV 2-port, line-mount aluminum manifold
FAV/S 2-port, line-mount iron manifold
GBS Sandwich manifold, ISO 03, aluminum with Buna-N seals
GBS/Y Sandwich manifold, ISO 03, iron with Viton seals

Sun manifolds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following image shows an example of model FAV.

Model FAV