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XMD drives performance.

Configurable. Rugged. Universal.

XMD Valve Driver

XMD Valve Drivers

Bluetooth & CAN configurable

Designed for extreme environments

Use with any solenoid-operated valves

Powerful & affordable

The XMD electro-hydraulic driver gives you the power and flexibility you need for demanding applications. Available in single- and dual-output versions, it’s compact, incredibly rugged and can be configured quickly and easily using a smartphone and Sun’s XMD Mobile app. It’s priced to deliver great value. And it ships in four weeks or less.

XMD Overview - hydraulic amplifier

XMD overview

Learn more about the XMD-01 and XMD-02 mobile drivers, the mobile app and where to buy.

XMD Product Specs for hydraulic I/O amplifier (hydraulic I/O driver)

Product specs

Review key product specifications including input & output types, CAN communication, certifications, operating ranges and more.

Factory-tuned XMD+Valve+Coil optimizes your electro-proportional valve amplifier

Buy it factory tuned

Now you can buy the Bluetooth XMD valve driver coupled with a valve and solenoid coil that is factory tuned to optimize valve performance.

XMD Mobile App on iPad for electro-proportional valve controller

Download free app

Download the free mobile app to your smartphone or tablet and take it for a test drive. Available for iOS and Android.

Learn more about our XMD & factory-tuned FLeX valves

This video explains the concept behind factory-tuned FLeX solenoid-operated valves.
Check out the XMD webinar – “How to Make It Work for You.”

Find the nearest authorized distributor where you can buy the XMD.