Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

Certain pressure-containing vessels and systems — where the pressure is above 7.0 psi or 0,5 bar and the pressure-volume product exceeds a specified factor — must be protected from exceeding design pressure requirements to ensure safety. The Pressure Equipment Directive [PED] defines, based on fluid type and pressure-volume product, what protection must be implemented.

The manufacturer of the complete machine is obligated to analyze the hazards that may evolve with the application of his machine and ensure that it is safe for use under reasonably foreseeable conditions. The manufacturer then declares that the machine conforms to the Directive(s).

Fluid power products that are specifically designated and tested to limit pressure or perform a specific safety function are classified as "safety relevant" and may be CE marked. Sun Hydraulics has available a limited offering of direct-acting pressure relief valves meeting the requirements of "Safety Accessories" as classified under Category IV of the Directive. These valves are CE marked and TUV approved as individual components.

The model numbers for the Sun Hydraulics CE-marked valves are: