QuickDesign & SunDesign: Sun's 3- & 5-Axis Solutions

Finding the solution that’s best for you

Sun offers two effective approaches to custom manifold design and manufacturing capable of producing the best solutions based on your needs.

SunDesign Compared to QuickDesign

QuickDesign Software

Sun’s QuickDesign is a free, web-based automated design tool that can create custom three-axis designs in as little as ten minutes.  It works with circuits containing up to 15 cartridges, allows you to choose locations of features and components, and delivers complete assembly and manifold drawings, verification schematic, connection and drill lists, and 2D/3D CAD files.

SunDesign Design Services

Our SunDesign integrated packages design service provides engineering assistance and design evaluation, leveraging our five-axis machining capabilities to produce optimized designs for more complex, higher-volume applications.

Physical Configurations

To accommodate the constraints of three-axis straight-hole drilling, manifolds are larger and typically require several plugs.  The same schematic with properly leveraged five-axis compound-angle drilling saves considerable space and can often result in a design with no plugs required.  See results of a sample design using each approach below:

Three-axis manifold design Five-Axis Manifold Design

Three- & Five-Axis Manifold Design

This, coupled with the space-saving approach of the Sun floating cartridge cavities, means greater functionality in smaller spaces.  

With QuickDesign, you can generate and order a design quickly, enabling fast prototyping or one-off solutions.  With SunDesign, you get to tap into the experience and expertise of our team of hydraulic design engineers to build an optimized, efficient solution containing any number of cartridges.