Sun Custom Valvepaks offer Distinct Advantages

We want you to know about everything Sun has to offer for your Custom Manifold Assembly requirements.

Sun Custom Valvepaks
Sun's custom engineered manifold assemblies, or "valvepaks", offer economical solutions to complex hydraulic circuit designs. Custom manifold assemblies offer space savings, fewer leak points, reduced assembly labor, ease of ordering, and improved aesthetics.

Compact Hydraulic Solutions

  • Creative and innovative manifold designs
  • Use of cartridges with Sun's unique floating style construction
  • Compound angle drilling for extremely compact configurations
  • Construction plugs are eliminated or reduced dramatically
  • Larger and more efficient flow paths
  • Higher installation torque levels allow better cartridge retention

"Quick Quote" Pricing Program

  • Online pricing tool allows Sun distributors to price out a custom manifold assembly
  • No waiting for a quote from the factory
  • Complete manifold assemblies with cartridges
  • Cartridge prices are reduced when included in Quick Quote assembly pricing

Materials and Finishes

  • Standard manifold material is T6061 aluminum. Material pressure rating of 3000 psi/210 bar
  • We also do 65-45-12 Ductile Iron. Material pressure rating of 5000 psi/350 bar
  • Also available are anodizing, blackening, and zinc dichromate

Increased Manifold Manufacturing Capacity in North America

  • Ductile Iron manifolds are manufactured from our new facility in Kansas City
  • Two 4-axis and one 5-axis CNC machining centers produce short lead time orders, On Time
  • More manufacturing capacity in North America supplements Sun's global manifold manufacturing capabilities:

Sarasota, Florida USA
Lenexa, Kansas USA
Coventry, England
Erkelenz, Germany
Shanghai, China
Inchon, Korea

  • Sun's excellent delivery performance applies to custom manifold assemblies, in our standard body materials of aluminum and ductile iron, from any manifold facility.
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