Sun Introduces Additional Solenoid-Operated Pilot Valves

Sun introduces models DAAL (T-8A cavity) and DBAL (T-9A cavity) solenoid-operated directional valves. These are 2-position, direct acting cartridges designed to pilot other full flow valves. They are functionally similar to models DAAA (T-8A) and DBAA (T-9A) directional valves, but the DAAL and DBAL valves include several design improvements which can be useful in many applications.


  • Sun T-8A cavity for DAAL and DAAA
  • Sun T-9A cavity for DBAL and DBAA
  • 5000 psi (350 bar) maximum operating pressure
  • Maximum leakage rate of 10 drops/minute at 5000 psi (350 bar)
  • Same flow paths with identical spool configurations
  • Same maximum flow rates
  • Same pressure drop characteristics

Advantages of Models DAAL and DBAL:

  • Incorporate the same coils as other new Sun solenoid valves (DLDA, DMDA, DNDA, DTDA, DWDA, PRDP, PRDL, RBAP, etc.) providing additional connector/voltage options
  • Connector options include IP69K rated Deutsch, Metri-Pak and Amp Junior Timer
  • Accommodate the twist and lock D, L and T manual override controls
  • Available with the soft shift solenoid option (DAAL S and DBAL S)
  • Available with or without manual override
  • More robust and less expensive

Disadvantages of DAAL and DBAL:

  • Increased minimum valve to valve spacing due to larger coil diameter
  • Increased cartridge extension length from cavity locating shoulder
  • Increased power requirements (22 watts for DAAL vs. 12 watts for DAAA)

Response Time Comparisons

12V Supply Voltage, 0.20 gpm (0,75 L/min) Flow, 3000 psi (210 bar)
Operating Pressure

DAAL *** 28 ms 35 ms
DBAL *** 28 ms 20 ms
DAAA *** 35 ms 20 ms
DBAA *** 35 ms 12 ms