Suns T-8A Cavity Concept

The T-8A Cavity Concept Defined

The T-8A cavity solution is Sun's unique approach to achieve a wide range of distinctly different control functions. With careful consideration of the individual functions of both the pilot stage and main stage elements, the end-user is able to build a customized control solution using standard components. The T-8A cavity principle provides solutions that more precisely match the control criteria.


The Main Stage Element

The main stage element provides the main functionality of the two-cartridge combination. Standard Sun relief, reducing, reducing/relieving, sequence, logic, directional and flow control cartridges are modified to include an integral T-8A cavity. This cavity accepts a variety of Sun T-8A pilot cartridges. Cartridges with integral T-8A cavities are available in frame sizes 1 through 4.
To see all Sun main stage cartridges that feature an integral T-8A cavity, use our Product Selector tool. Go to Products: Product Selector from the home page. On the Product Selector Page, scroll down the list of Cartridge Descriptors and choose Integral T-8A Control Cavity. Click on the CARTRIDGES tab in the lower left hand corner of the screen to view the listing of main stage elements. The product selector also shows standard manifolds that match the cavity of the main stage element.

The Pilot Stage Element

The pilot cartridge determines how the main stage element will be controlled. Pilot cartridges can be electrical (solenoid and proportional), hydraulic or pneumatic.
The Product Selector can also be used to conveniently display all T-8A pilot valve offerings. Use the Reset All Fields button to clear any existing choices. In the Cavity field on the left hand part of the page, choose the T-8A cavity from the drop down list. Click on the CARTRIDGES tab in the lower left hand corner of the screen to view the listing of pilot stage elements.

Imagine the Possibilities

With so many combination possibilities, the engineer is able to design a solution that is unique and flexible, and one that precisely fits the application requirements.