Weatherized Solenoid Valves for Harsh Environments

Sun's full-flow solenoid operated valves (those with round coils) and electro-proportional cartridges can now be suited up for the weather using weatherized coils. These new coils protect electrically-actuated cartridges against high-pressure wash-downs or marine environments. A weatherized coil kit is required along with the coil.

Weatherized Coil Details:

  • Utilizes the Metri-Pack Series 150 connector for harsh environmental conditions, rated for IP69K.
  • Includes a built-in TVS surge suppression diode
  • RoHS compliant
  • Passed a 1000 hour salt fog test, ensuring corrosion resistance for marine applications
  • Available in the following voltages:

    Installation Details:

    Weatherized coils are available for all full-flow solenoid operated directional cartridges as well as our electro-proportional valves. The weatherization kit is sold separately and is cavity and model code dependent.

    Part No.
    DescriptionFor Cartridge Models
    991-055 Weatherization Kit for T-11A Cavity DMDA, DWDA, PRDL, PRDP, FMDA, FMDB
    991-056 Weatherization Kit for T-13A and T-31A Cavities DLDA, DTCA, DTDA (T-13A) and
    DNDA (T-31A)
    991-057 Weatherization Kit for T-31A Cavity (3-pos, 4-way) DNDC
    991-058 Weatherization Kit for T-8A and T-9A Cavities RBAP, DAAL, DBAL
    991-059 Weatherization Kit for T-8A Cavity RBAN
    991-060 Weatherization Kit for T-11A Cavity PRDM, PRDN

    When installing a weatherization kit, an added spotface at the top of the Sun cavity is required to ensure adequate sealing with the manifold. Therefore, weatherized coils cannot be retrofitted on products in the field and are not suitable for use with Sun's standard manifolds. Specific cavity modification instructions can be found on the individual weatherization kit product pages.

    Weatherized Assembly

    Installation options include a Sun custom assembly or machining your own custom manifold. Additionally, a selection of special line mount bodies for use in weatherized assemblies is available.

    More Information:

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    About IP69K:

    The IP69K code is an Ingress Protection Rating for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications. The enclosures are not only dust tight, but must withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning.

    IP69K Testing

    In addition to withstanding the IP69K testing requirements, Sun's weatherized cartridge assemblies have passed a 1000 hour salt fog test, ensuring corrosion resistance for marine applications.

    For detailed information on Sun's rigorous testing process for weatherization, click here.