Why wait? Get Sun's FLeX valves & our new XMD drivers when you want them.

Thanks to improved LEAN production of the FLeX family of valves, Sun is now able to ship any FLeX Series Solenoid Valves with coils and the new XMD drivers in four weeks standard. In addition, they can be expedited for shipping in as few as three days. This is great news for a market struggling with deliveries. For all the FLeX valves that are available for this standard shipping, download the complete list of FLeX valves and coils

This important advantage now positions Sun's FLeX family of valves and our XMD drivers as the best option for prototypes, new designs and retrofits to meet your needs for performance, price and delivery.  It's a great opportunity to move to the FLeX Series family and the XMD drivers to help solve your inventory issues.

FLeX Valves

The FLeX family of valves are rugged, high-reliability valves that offer more than just a delivery advantage.  The FLeX valves are:

  • Tested to 10 million operational cycles at full-rated pressure
  • Zinc-nickel plated standard for 1000-hour salt fog protection
  • Designed for higher flow rates than competing valves of similar size
  • XMD-ready for fast-turnaround applications

For more information about our FLeX family of products, check out the resources on our website.  Don't forget you can search for "FLeX" in our site search and see all the FLeX products and information on the entire FLeX family.  And you can read the recent articles about this expanding family of valves.

XMD Drivers

XMD Mobile Drivers

Our single- and dual-coil XMD drivers are ready to drive these high-performance, market-priced valves in your next application — and you can have them when you need them, not three months from now.  Rugged like the FLeX valves, these drivers are ready for your toughest applications:

  • CE and E-Mark rated for mobile and industrial equipment
  • Simplified configuration via Sun's free smartphone app
  • SAE J1939 CAN communications capabilities
  • Simple I/O shaping tool to tune in the valve performance you need

For more information on the XMD-01/-02 single- and dual-coil drivers, see our feature on the XMD drivers:

Need more info?  Ready to order?

To download brochures and data sheets for any FLeX or XMD products, visit our Media Center.

And to place your orders for FLeX valves and XMD drivers, just contact your local authorized Sun distributor and tell them when you want them!