Danfoss OMT: B到A


Function for WMW
技术数据 [ + ]
阀块类型 马达集成式阀体马达集成式阀体
表面 Danfoss OMTDanfoss OMT
阀块特性 B到AB到A
Open Cavities 11
插孔 T-10A
常见问题 [ + ]

There are exactly 250 Sun drops in a cubic inch or 15 in a cc.

备注 [ + ]
  • Important: Carefully consider the maximum system pressure. The pressure rating of the manifold is dependent on the manifold material, with the port type/size a secondary consideration. Manifolds constructed of aluminum are not rated for pressures higher than 3000 psi (210 bar), regardless of the port type/size specified.
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