FLeX™ Series 3-way directional blocking poppet valves

Ideal for load-holding and pilot circuits requiring low leakage  

Sun's FLeX Series DWBF is a 3-way, direct-acting, solenoid-operated directional blocking poppet valve with two extremely low-leakage poppet configurations.

  • DWBF-XAN — normally open 1-to-2, closed 2-to-3
  • DWBF-XNN — normally open 2-to-3, closed 1-to-2

This blocking poppet valve — with extremely low leakage of less than one drop per minute — is well suited for use in load-holding circuits where it can be used safely to lock a load in place or in pilot circuits requiring low leakage.  And with 10-million-cycle reliability and 1000-hour salt fog protection, they can stand up to your most demanding applications.

Like all FLeX Series valves, the DWBF is compatible with both the 740 Series high-power coils and the 747 Series hazardous location coils.  

To download the full DWBF data sheet, click here.

The FLeX Series also includes two 2-way, direct-acting directional blocking poppet valves — the DTAF and DTBF.  They also offer extremely low leakage, and when configured as normally closed, they are also well suited to load-holding applications.

With more than 40 solenoid-operated valves, the FLeX Series family delivers high-reliability directional, proportional and relief valves to meet a wide range of needs.  Check out our expanding line of FLeX valves.

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