Filter Cartridges

If abrasive particles enter a hydraulic system, they can damage expensive components like pumps and motors. These contaminating particles may even prevent hydraulic components from operating properly by causing them to respond slowly or stick open.

Sun filter cartridges trap and remove these particles to help prevent premature component wear and system failure. Sun filter cartridges are cavity mounted for low installed profile, added system security and to prevent tampering. The elements have a high collapse pressure and are intended to be used directly in line and at system pressure up to 5000 psi and flow rates up to 80 gpm.


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Símbolo Descripción Modelo Capacidad Cavidad
Filtro Filtro FLDA 10 gpm40 L/min. T-13A
FLFA 20 gpm80 L/min. T-5A
FLHA 40 gpm160 L/min. T-16A
FLJA 80 gpm320 L/min. T-18A
Símbolo Descripción Modelo Capacidad Cavidad
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