Technical Information

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740 Series Coils - Derating Tables 56.42 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - ATEX Certificate 976.94 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - CSA Certificate of Compliance 106.22 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - IECEx Certificate of Conformity 285.26 KB
A Guide to Sun's Counterbalance Families  
California Proposition 65 Notification 75.59 KB
CANpoint Position Control Presentation 2.2 MB
CANpoint Quick Start Guide 3.6 MB
Cartridges: Materials of Construction  
Cavity Information (S-171) and Tooling  
Cavity Tooling Model Code Structure  
CE Declaration of Conformity - XMD 12-2017 133.69 KB
CE Testing Results and Explanation (Bluetooth); 999-991-261 45.73 KB
CE Testing Results and Explanation; 999-991-260 51.97 KB
Conflict Minerals Report 96.06 KB
Conflict Minerals Report 2019 198.15 KB
Custom Integrated Packages from Sun  
Data Sheet for Embedded Electronics Digital Proportional Valve Amplifier; 999-991-237 371.15 KB
Data Sheet for Hand Held Programmer; 999-991-229 176.33 KB
Data Sheet for Infrared Cable Adapter; 999-991-232 590.22 KB
Declaration of Conformity for Sun Coils 1.12 MB
Electro-Hydraulic Solutions 3 MB
Electro-Hydraulic Terms and Definitions 2.94 MB
Electro-Hydraulics Distributor Training - Day 1  
Electro-Hydraulics Distributor Training - Day 2  
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2009/19/EC 520.19 KB
Environmental Test Specification for Electrical and Electronic Components; S-367 254.61 KB
EPDM Technical Information  
European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 167.27 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - ATEX Certificate 130.61 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - ATEX Information 116.41 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - CSA Certificate 402.56 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - CSA Information 131.93 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - EC Declaration of Conformity 526.09 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - IECEx Certificate of Conformity 222.88 KB
Filter Booklet 992.58 KB
Fluid Recommendations: Oil Viscosity, Cleanliness & Temperature  
FREP Proportional Flow Control - Lab Demonstration  
FREP Proportional Priority Flow Control Presentation 6.57 MB
Hazardous Substances Directive 478.45 KB
Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)  
Hex Body & Sleeve Assembly Integrity 124.15 KB
Load Holding Distributor Training - Day 1  
Load Holding Distributor Training - Day 2  
Load Holding Products Presentation 2.91 MB
Low Voltage Directive 2006-95-EC 497.29 KB
Manifolds: Materials of Construction  
Nichtelektrische Ventile in explosionsgefährdeter Umgebung (ATEX Richtlinie 2014/34/EU) 78.13 KB
Non-Electrical Valves in Explosive Environment (ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU) 77.73 KB
Performance Data  
Pressure Controls Distributor Training  
Pressure Controls Lab Demonstration  
Pressure Controls Training Presentation 2.21 MB
Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU 497.06 KB
Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU  
Quality Policy 151.88 KB
QuickDesign & SunDesign: Sun's 3- & 5-Axis Solutions  
QuickPrint Custom Catalogue Sample - Direct-Acting Relief Cartridges 1.07 MB
RD*T-Q** Instruction Manual: 999-991-075 108.55 KB
RDDTQ-RDFTQ EU Declaration of Conformity: 999-991-073 510.55 KB
Removing Valves from Ductile Manifolds 73.96 KB
Seal Kit Installation Guidelines  
Seals: Materials of Construction  
Spool Valves Allow Soft Unloading  
Summary of European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Related Directives 167.27 KB
Sun Model Code Explanation; 999-901-334 343.9 KB
Sun's Floating Style Screw-In Cartridge 1.06 MB
Units of Measure, Settings, and Conversions  
XMD Coil Clip Installation Guide 749.23 KB
XMD Installation Guide - 01/02 892.83 KB
XMD Mobile App User Guide 10.31 MB
XMD Overview Presentation 3.13 MB