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NEW: Adjustable Priority Flow Control Solutions
aoû 23, 2019
New solutions from Sun provide simple, efficient control of auxiliary hydraulic power for mobile equipment attachments.
Putting Sun at the heart of hydraulic regenerative braking systems
juin 21, 2017
Lightning Systems picks Sun for their medium- & heavy-duty vehicle hybrid systems
Sun Étend ses Solutions Anticorrosion
mai 01, 2012
SUN dispose d'une solution anticorrosion adaptée à vos besoins..
Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief Packages
avr 06, 2010
Standard Valve Packages Save Energy and Reduce Heat while Providing System Relief and Pump Unloading
Protect Hydrostatic Transmission Circuits with Sun’s Delayed Shift Hot Oil Shuttle.
aoû 18, 2008
Sun's hot oil shuttle valves with delayed shift can help protect hydrostatic transmission circuit components.
Dual Sequence Application with a "Kick-Down" Twist
fév 01, 2006
This truck application required sequencing the extension and jack cylinders so that the jack legs extended to full width before the jack cylinders lowered the legs to lift the vehicle.
Eliminate Stalling While Maintaining Optimum Speed
avr 02, 2004
It may be possible to optimize the performance of a cutting device by automatically controlling feed rate using just a single valve.