Motor-mount manifolds facilitate control & protection of hydraulic motors

Many users of hydraulic motors prefer to mount control and protection devices directly to the motor, reducing labor costs and eliminating potential leak points. This method additionally provides for the valve functions to be located as close as possible to the motor, resulting in improved system dynamic response.

Sun Hydraulics offers a variety of standard, off-the-shelf manifolds designed to be mounted directly to a motor, and to provide commonly used hydraulic functions such as:

  • Cross-port relief
  • Single and dual counterbalance
  • Brake release pressure source
  • Hot oil shuttle/relief
  • Motor speed control
Motor Mount Manifold

Manifolds are available for both closed- and open-loop applications and are manufactured in aluminum, with an operating pressure of 3000 psi (210 bar), and ductile iron rated for 5000 psi (350 bar). Since several manufacturers have adapted identical mounting and porting patterns for similarly sized motors, Sun manifolds can be used across a wide range of hydraulic motors.

Motor mount manifolds are available for the following models of hydraulic motors and their equivalents:

Eaton/Char-Lynn 2000 & 4000 Series
Eaton/Char-Lynn H & S Series
Danfoss OMS, OMP, OMT, OMV
Staffa B150/B200
Staffa 4" Bore/5 Piston
Parker (Ross, Nichols, Prince) TA, TB, TD, NE, 110A, 130S, 400S
White RS 06 & RS 46;
Kawasaki/Rexroth 325
Check with Sun factory for others.

Examples of commonly used motor-mount applications

Dual Counterbalance Motor Mount Application
Dual Counterbalance
Cross-Port Relief Motor Mount Application
Cross-Port Relief

Our selection of motor mount manifolds can be found in a variety of ways on our website. You can....

  • Navigate to Manifolds: Motor Mount, then choose your function
  • You may also use our Search tool if you have an existing model code in mind