Sun’s Cartridge Symbol Library

Sun's full Cartridge Symbol Library is available for download from our website. These new symbols accurately depict Sun cartridge functionality and are specific to the control mechanism and spool configuration where applicable.

The following formats are available:

  • DWG (AutoCAD
  • DXF (generic transfer format)
  • VSD (Visio)

The Symbol Library is dynamically generated at the point of download based on Sun's available cartridge model codes at that time. Due to its dynamic nature, the library may take several moments to compile.

A cartridge model code to symbol name cross reference table is included for your reference.
Note: Most symbol names correspond with their respective model code with a few exceptions in cases where symbols are shared by more than one model.

To download Sun's Cartridge Symbol Library, navigate to Products: Cartridges: Download Cartridge Symbol Library

Individual symbols are also available for download directly from a fully configured cartridge product page. To take advantage of this feature, either search on a full cartridge model code using the Sun Search function, or use the "Change Cartridge Configuration" link located below pricing on the cartridge product page. The downloadable symbol will display in the upper right hand portion of the product page.