Sun Hydraulics First Publication

Below is a link to a scanned copy of Sun Hydraulics' First Publication, including the 1972 price list and discount schedule. The first print run of 300 was completed on August 1, 1971.

hilite_firstpublication_iconSun Hydraulics' First Publication in pdf format

The document was typed on a typewriter. The symbols and schematics were hand drawn by Bob Koski, one of the co-founders of Sun Hydraulics. The drawings included were also done by Bob starting with the CPEA-XAN which is dated July 29, 1970. Incidentally, the first cartridge valve that Sun shipped was a CPEA-LAN.

While reading this document, please keep in mind that this publication is close to 40 years old. In today's world, pressures are higher, fluids are cleaner and Sun has learned a lot.

All the products shown in this document are still available or have direct replacements that are current in today's product line. Please refer to the following cross reference when using this publication:

CPEA-*AN - is now CKEB-*CN

RPGB - use either RPGC or RDFA

SPEA- use either SCEA or RSFC



CXEB - still available but we recommend using CXED

NCEA - still available but we recommend using NCEB